Christmas baking Christmas baking

It just doesn't feel like Christmas until you you some baking. That's the plan for me this week with the kids. Hope you enjoy some t...

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11:42 PM

Only One More Week... Only One More Week...

My youngest son was quick to remind me this morning that there is only one week until Christmas! Well that means I have a lot of work to d...

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1:50 PM

It's official!! The Porchlight girls are off to Paris It's official!! The Porchlight girls are off to Paris

Paris here we come! After months of planning and planning, We have finally taken the plunge and we are heading off to beautiful Paris to vis...

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9:09 PM

Weekend at Last! Weekend at Last!

I couldn't be happier that the weekend is here! Today I have dragged my kids from pillar to post (yes even clients homes) and I feel t...

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11:23 PM

Light & Bright! Light & Bright!

I'm feeling inspired by all the light in the following images! White is such a gorgeous backdrop to show off the gorgeous furniture and...

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3:18 AM

Green Velvet! Green Velvet!

This green velvet lounge is on my Christmas wish list! When I stumbled across this image on the gorgeous 'This is Glamorous' blog,...

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3:44 PM

Dreaming of Paris! Dreaming of Paris!

How gorgeous is the Keppler Hotel in Paris. I've been daydreaming about Paris and this is just the hotel I can see myself relaxing in a...

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2:42 AM