Resting Up! Resting Up!

Posting a gorgeous bedroom picture to wish you all a happy weekend because I plan to spend a lot of time resting this weekend. I promise we...

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10:26 PM

Eye on the Prize! Eye on the Prize!

I had bulldozers in my backyard today! The rain was lovely timing - my yard now resembles a mud pit but I'm not complaining because I ...

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2:06 AM

an exciting preview into our week of styling an exciting preview into our week of styling

Hope you all have a very restfull weekend. We certainly will!

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11:42 PM

Getting Started! Getting Started!

via Skona Hem Very exciting week at my house! I walked downstairs on Sunday morning to find my husband and youngest son measuring up for ...

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2:49 PM

Weekend Project! Weekend Project!

via Desire to Inspire My project for the weekend is to get some artwork framed and ready for an upcoming job. I'm hoping they look hal...

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11:50 PM

Doing Hollywood In Style! Doing Hollywood In Style!

I have a list of gorgeous hotels around the world that I would love to stay in if I ever happen to travel to that destination! The Chateau...

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9:36 PM

Fabulous in Toorak! Fabulous in Toorak!

While searching yesterday, I came across this house in Toorak which I fell in love with. This style of house is so rare in A...

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3:48 PM

Looking Ahead... Looking Ahead...

Is anyone else struggling to get back into things after holidays? Yesterday was our first day back at work and after an exceptional coffee w...

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1:58 PM