Is anyone else struggling to get back into things after holidays? Yesterday was our first day back at work and after an exceptional coffee we, surprisingly, had a very productive day. I have so many plans for this year, the first of which is decluttering my own house. Holidays have been a great opportunity for this and many cupboards have been cleared out. This is such a great way to start the year as it stops you from getting trapped into a particular style - sometimes we have to acknowledge that we have moved on from something and make room for a new passion.
The following pictures are my inspiration for all the projects I want to achieve in my home over the next twelve months (OK probably more like 5 years but I'm optimistic):
image via Celerie Kemble
I want to create a stunning small office space that I can feel inspired in!

from Traditional Home via Oliveaux

I want a couple of built in book shelves downstairs so we can finally unpack our boxes of books!

image via M-A Belle

I want to update our staircase with new sisal carpet and a gorgeous rail such as this - my husband was a little shocked when I showed him this!

image via Living Etc

And as I've mentioned before, I want a new kitchen, preferably as black and as gorgeous as this one!

via BHG website

And finally I would love to update our bathrooms - maybe not quite as elaborately as this one but you get the picture. Well you have to dream big don't you? I hope you all have big dreams and plans for the year ahead because that's what makes it exciting! Tracey x


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