Successful Auction! Successful Auction!

Congratulations to our St Lucia client on the successful sale of her gorgeous home! It was such a pleasure styling this home for the market...

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1:42 PM

More Balance... More Balance...

I'm feeling like I need a bit more balance in my life so Tom Scheerer was a natural choice for a weekend post - his work is the epitome ...

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11:32 PM

Top Design Top Designer Top Design Top Designer

Top Design winner Nathan Thomas .  I always love watching the designers compete for the number one. Nathan Thomas did a very impressive job ...

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5:34 AM

smell the roses smell the roses

Take time to smell the roses this weekend. Go on, just relax!

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4:04 AM

Be Still My Heart... Be Still My Heart...

I'm sure my heart stopped beating when I first saw this kitchen over at Desire to Inspire ! This would just be my ultimate kitchen - b...

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5:08 AM

Fabulous Brisbane Artist! Fabulous Brisbane Artist!

I have just discovered a Brisbane artist that I had to share as I just love her work. Her name is Jennifer Long and her website is well wor...

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11:55 PM

Weekend Dining! Weekend Dining!

dining room via Traditional Home Magazine I'm looking forward to a weekend with lots of great food! I have spent the morning cooking wh...

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8:00 PM

Little girl's rooms Little girl's rooms

My daughter who is only seven, has been begging me to change her room, so I have been collecting lots of ideas from all different sources. I...

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8:25 PM

Colours of Santorini Colours of Santorini

After a very chaotic 3 weeks of too many things to mention, I wish I was spending the weekend relaxing here in Santorini. Hope you all have ...

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7:58 PM

Colour Perfection! Colour Perfection!

I found this image on " Our Creative Life " blog and just thought it was colour perfection. The touch of pink in the roses just ...

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12:22 AM

Cool Down in Chile Cool Down in Chile

My husband sent me an email last week about the worlds largest swimming pool in Chile. This is part of the San Alfonso Del Mar hotel which ...

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7:10 PM

Six Things... Six Things...

The lovely girls from Design Ties recently asked me to share 6 interesting things about myself which for some reason terrifies me buy here g...

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4:14 PM