This is one of my favorite places to visit in Brisbane. Tracey and I came out to visit our mum and dad who live on the water in Cleveland. It's such a peaceful coastal town, and we had some fun this week taking some photos in one our favorite little spots at Cleveland Point.
This place pictured above is a restaraunt/cafe called the lighthouse. It is very quaint and a lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday.

The lighthouse restaraunt looks out toward Stradbroke Island.

Picture taken of a bust hanging on our parents fence.

The sun was so bright you can't really see the gorgeous Rubie Green fabric coverd stools and Marilyn cushion. They do liik rather sensational, especially here in Queensland by the seaside.

Once again, the picture looks quite washed out from all the sun. The deck chair is covered in Megan fabric which represents Queensland lifestyle to a T. The sttolis yellow Tillinghast. Looks gorgeous really. I will take some better pictures when it's a little overcast.

nice way to spend the day!

Hope you all have a lovely and relaxed weekend and thankyou for all the wonderful comments we have received this week. You are all so sweet!
Hayley and Tracey x


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