Simple ways to add curb appeal Simple ways to add curb appeal

Better Homes & Gardens website has a great article on how to improve curb appeal. Following are a few pictures from the article: The go...

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7:23 PM

Inspiring Designers Inspiring Designers

Eric Cohler is a designer that uses lots of layering in his designs which makes each room interesting without being cluttered. These rooms ...

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7:47 PM

Beautiful Front Porch Beautiful Front Porch

This gorgeous porch from Country Home Magazine is a great example of why we called ourselves Porch Light Interiors. The front porch is a t...

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12:18 AM

Porchlight Interiors Porchlight Interiors

Welcome to Porchlight Interiors blog. We hope you enjoy this beautiful image from Kathryn Ireland while we figure out how to do this blog th...

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