Better Homes & Gardens website has a great article on how to improve curb appeal. Following are a few pictures from the article:

The gorgeous pots beside the door, painted in the same colour as the door add impact and make this entry stunning. I'm loving the black door.

This beautiful garden path with the gorgeous can lounge make you feel like you're home before you get to the front door.

Resurfacing the driveway or cleaning up an existing driveway make the home look well cared for.

Adding potted colour near the entry make it look more inviting. A little bit of greenery goes a long way - you don't need a huge garden to make a great first impression.

Having a home that looks very neat and tidy gives the impression that the home is well loved - this may mean a home needs repainting. Clean windows and the flower boxes draw attention to the beautiful sash windows which is a special feature of the home. Adding a little front porch over the door is a quick and easy way to add value and interest to a boring home.


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