Living in Queensland, the focus is usually on summer and our fantastic lifestyle due to our temperate climate. Maybe that is why these wintery images appeal so much - I'm trying to get into winter and enjoy all it has to offer.

True style comes when everyday things are thrown together in such a way that they tell a story of the life we are living. The above photo is so simple and beautiful, yet it is a collection of things we may all use on a dayly basis.

Its all in the details...

Everyday things always look better with a silver lining.

I recently came across the website of a stylist from Stockholm and loved her style so much that I decided to do a feature of some of her work.

I just love the details of this bathroom. The grey mosaic tiles look stunning as a backdrop to all the pink accessories (including the floor rug).

I have to admit that I normally would not go for the gold taps and other accessories but I think it really works in this bathroom.

Obviously styled in a very feminine way but the bathroom itself is very gender neutral.

I'm sure you are wondering who this amazing stylist is by now. Her name is Eva Lindh - click here to see more of her gorgeous work.

I just had to add this gorgeous wintery image since we are in the middle of winter and its great to do it in style.


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