I have a small room off my main bedroom which I have decided to make my own little inspiration room/office space. I went searching for some inspirational images and found these on the House to Home website.

image courtesy of House to Home

I love the use of wallpaper in small spaces - it just makes it that much more intimate and special. I'm not usually into dark timber but I think it really works in this space.

Again the wallpaper makes this room. I couldn't live with a mirror right in front of my face though - my beauty would be far too distracting.

A beautiful window overlooking a garden would be a lovely way to get inspired. The desk and chair are quite gorgeous too.

courtesy of House Beautiful

I can never resist green. This study space is so casual yet still a little glamourous - I love it. It is the work of the very talented Kathryn Ireland.

Okay, I couldn't do a post on offices without showing my absolute favourite one ever. I know almost everyone has seen this before but its always worth posting again. Unfortunately when I saved it I didn't write where I got it from so I would love for someone to let me know who's study this is and which blog it was first posted on (now there is a challenge for all you keen bloggers out there).


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