I would like to dedicate this post to all the fellow Australians who have suffered great loss in the last 48 hours. My heart goes out to you who have lost loved ones, homes, and all you own. I can empathise with those who have lost homes as I too suffered this loss 11 years ago when our house burnt to the ground with everthing in it. Seeing images on the television bring back all the emotion.
Family friends had a home in the middle of all the devastation. It was a stone built house. They were unable to leave the house as it was too late with flames surrounding them. All they could do was put sheets of tin on the windows, wet all their towels and sheets, cover themselves up downstairs and pray to God they would survive. Miracle of miracles, they did. Everything was destroyed around them. I know not everyone has been so lucky, but there have been many other amazing stories of survival.
This has been the greatest natural disaster Australia has ever had to face, but what is so wonderful is all the people fighting to help everyone and risk their own lives to save others. I can't imagine how hard it would be for all the firefighters battleing all the flames and sweltering heat. There are so many hero's!
We will do what we can to help. Red Cross have set up a fund so we can donate money to help those who have lost everything! 
Hayley x


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