Now obviously I'm no Martha Stewart when it comes to Easter decorating but I do like to pull out a few of my favourite things to pretty up the house.
Not a great photo but I have to show off this gorgeous little green milk glass comport that I found at the markets a few months ago! How gorgeous does it look with coloured Easter eggs? This will last for about 5 minutes in my house since the boys are on school holidays (just enough time for me to take a photo).

Now for all you Martha's out there, I bought these gorgeous little tin bunny moulds at a secondhand shop and other than displaying them, I don't know what you are supposed to do with them them - any ideas? Hope you all enjoy the Easter break - I'm trying to be a good mum and spend time with my kids while sneaking in a few hours work here and there (I hope they don't notice). Tracey xx


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