Wooden wall shelves can be naturally decorated with left tree bark. The wall shelves, created by Tseh appear attractive and organic, adding unique texture of tree bark to a smooth wall surface and enriching wall design with creative design that incorporated convenient hooks.

Tree bark dramatically changes the way wall shelves look and feel. An empty wall, decorated with open shelves with a bark trim, turns into a pleasant display of natural texture and color. Tree bark is versatile and pleasing the eye decorating material. It looks gorgeous, combined with ceramic and glass, wood and stone textures.

Wooden wall shelves with bark will look fantastic on a traditional wall, stone, concrete or brick walls. Space saving hooks add a nice touch to wall shelves, creating more functional and comfortable interior design, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.

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wood shelf design with hooks

Wooden wall shelf with hooks adds a nice touch to modern interior design

Modern wall shelves with a simple and elegant bark trim remind of forest, bringing the grace of trees into urban interior design or country home interiors, and offering eco friendly products that beautify modern interior design.

TSEH Architectural Group  is a group of young architects who focus on the creation of contemporary architecture and interior design.

wall shelf made of wood

Modern interior design with wooden wall shelves that feature bark trims


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